Metaphoric company / politics

… Is the political scene of the, still…, figurehead corporatist (or would you know a more pejorative term?) country (hey, check global capita per country and weep) reflected in the developments of the business world; like, a bunch of weirdos (qua hairstyle and behavior) versus ‘governance’-oriented totalitarian bureaucrats,
or is it the other way around ..?

Just struck me. And beware that the former category would not be where the Silly Valley bunch would fit in, as if by association-through-closeness to ’60s SF. Contrarily, they fit perfectly in the latter category. As was exepelainifyed already here.

Also, both categories are so far apart that when one wins, the other will be separate and free enough to maybe not even care. Though I doubt that Latter would not at least give it a try. And possibly succeed.
Both sides really, really should be ware of Pyrrhus. Like, China or even India taking over. The Bear, not so much; internal control is the stretch to the edge already, shot-in-the-dark break-outs will be just that. Oh, and Europe will of course (? … !) be split in an East-of-Centre, Southern (sub-Rhine/Danube) and Northern (trans-Rhine) parts. That will move at very, very different speeds in very different directions…

But then, in the longer run we’ll all not be dead but this.

But then, I’d best leave you with:
[Wine not whine bunker; Quinta do Vallado]

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Poor bungler has no Scandinavian example to make his point

Gerald jeered in dinner discussion
August 19, 2016 by Karen Mikkelsbergen

Gerald Waterson badly lost a series of discussions with his friends last Thursday. The 36yr (old) county clerk of Decatur, IL, didn’t have a Scandinavian example for any point he wanted to make.

During dinner, Gerald proposed e.g., that social security could not continue in its current form with the lax immigration policies, that a fully sustainable energy supply were feasible, that only college grads should be allowed to teach at high schools, that longer prison terms don’t increase general security and that tomato is a vegetable.

“Those were interesting proposals,” Dean Farmour (35) remembers. “We were honestly interested to have ourselves convinced. His arguments however were lacking every time again. Gerald only had a huge stack of scientific reports at hand and a slew of scientific theories. But he did not have one single example from Scandinavia. Not one!”

Megan Drimble (36) too, was disappointed by the defective argumentation of Geralds vision. “If you’re so sure that longer prison terms don’t work, then you’d better have something more than just fifty years of data from a number of countries. I’d like to have data from just one Finnish province, please!”

Megan herself successfully defended that the hunt for moose would need to be deregulated in Georgia: “Isn’t it crazy that the state legislature doesn’t just allow it? In Sweden, the moose hunt accounts for the prevention of many traffic casualties and of serious damage to forests.”

Gerald now knows what to do. “I always thought that I had studied sufficiently on any subject I thought to know but I was jeered at for that. Next time, I’ll make sure to always have some obscure Scandinavian research at hand. The Danish psychologist Sören Larsen showed, by the way, that to give me a far more convincing posture, too.”


[Original, in Dutch, on the Speld; translated with permission]

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Clapton: 5 years for shooting sheriff

Singer not guilty of shooting deputy

August 9, 2016 by George Smith

A Clermont County, Ohio judge has sentenced Eric Clapton to five years in jail for shooting the sheriff. The British singer is said to have confessed in some Number 1 hit of 1974.

Clapton’s lawyer thinks the verdict is ridiculous: “They are trying to smear my client all over his home town. OK, he did indeed shoot the sheriff, but I swear it was in self-defense. And all they do is shout that is was a capital offense. Plus, the original was by Bob Marley so what the heck are we talking about??”

In the court hearings, Clapton did not reveal which friends gave him a little help. He did say he felt that five years was forever, man.


[Original, in Dutch, on the Speld; translated with permission]

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Gold per capita

Just remembering that line of thought about some ‘handicap’ per country in sports…

  • The original list of Rio 2016 [standings per 16 August ! due to post scheduling ahead of time], sorted per Gold medals, top 50, in this here list
  • The same, but ‘compensated’ by dividing by (GDP per capita times capitae), in that there list
  • And, medals total, handicapped similarly over here.

Pick your country and … have fun with the bragging rights…
Yes, a lot can be said about this; but then also include discussions on colonial history, (sports-supportive) culture over the centuries, et al …

[After drafting and scheduling, this came through. Party/scoop poopers! And desperately lazy using so little of your own, and relatively random, info…!]

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Dronecatcher ..?

Was tinkering with ideas to get rid of drones around / over high-risk sites, e.g., critical infra (sites).

You know, like the radiant type of energy production.
Where drones pose a somewhat new but pesky risk. The newness, of course being not much of it when all sorts of attack with either plain vanilla or modified-to-autopilot RC controlled planes (possibly built in one’s garage) were around already and would hardly need any (suspicious) infra to take off and do their nefarious thing.
Though the proliferation of the new heli-style drones somehow raised the frequency/chance side of the risk equation. And, maybe, the ease of modding for sufficient tech capabilities of the kind you’d not want a.k.a. payload weights.

So, apart from the sudden realization that in times past, recent included, little did we know of the defenses surrounding critical infra against the classical winged type drones, we have the question: What now ..?

There seem to be two solutions required:
1. How to detect a drone, possibly rogue
1.5. How to handle false positives/negatives
2. How to down it.
Because I don’t color inside the lines only.

The first, might be feasible with some mini-/micro-installations of e.g., phased array radar in scan and track modes.
The second… My favorite would be a healthy dose of rounds, e.g., like a couple of full-on Goalkeepers around your install. Or have the lamo version of only (cross-?)beaming the GPS around your target out of the sky, or lasering it beyond melting point. These latter two might be the more difficult ones, qua aim/range specifity needed. But the former will probably not fly too well with overzealous environs freaks [note: not against the reasonable ones]. Oh well, we’ll just throw up some net structure when the threat is imminent — quick reloads available ..??

And there’s still the issue of not shooting two birds with(out) one drone. I.e., how to ensure you’re not offing all sparrows in a cloud, and miss the single drone’let that disturbed the birdies in the first place. Well, Why should I come up with the lame side-solutions ..?

[The unexpected, but disastrous scenario…]

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Golden Oldie Pic of the Day

Again, for ol’times sake:

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In the sphere of Language

Off the cuff. Sphären is closer to Finnegan’s Wake than it is to Nietzsche. Qua language, here and there.

That’s all. And don’t read FW in Dutch; the translabitt is flubby. The others in Dzjerman, qualitate qua.

[Emulatable qua plomb. The Dutch background, not so much.]

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