The State of Crowdsourcing

[Kopenhagen. Denmark]

It has been a while since Wikinomics et al. brought the idea of Crowdsourcing to the fore.
Where are we now, with that ..? Would anyone have good pointers as to the current state of affairs with the handful

of initially successful crowdsourcing ideas, sites, etc..?

My guess is that in the end, crowdsourcing times global reach equals a market for lemons. How to fix that ..?

With market rules, but how to keep those neat and tidy, and above all principle-based, and still enforce compliance

The latter part is maybe the most difficult part. The hordes will overrun any (necessarily human-monitored)

decent-behaviour rules slash subscription/abuse system.

With no rules, accepting the race to the bottom, in quality but in price, in return, too.

With club memberships. Maybe. These will go up and down the effectiveness scale. And may arrive at some Pareto

optimum that’s just no use – no use for elicitating the strengths of crowdsourcing as a problem resolution


Where would moderation be



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