Floating up levels

[Airplane, close to AMS]

Seems like true professions work the same as life philosophies (‘religions’ et al.).

The masses, the first 85%, work like worker bees. Need to be kept in check as they are ‘unfree’ (in a sense…) to think for themselves, need to just follow the rules even if these create moral / consciousness conflicts.
The next 10-13% are petty-little-rule-whizards. You know them all, they know nothing about Why. Think they are the next 2% … But are evil as they ruthlessly hunt down anything non-compliant.
The last 2% (or less), are the true Understanders, philosophers. That have Insight, Wisdom.

Yet another reason to manage the masses with care (as in: empathy), be suspicious about the penny-wise, and seek out the calm and quit ones.


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