From the digital front, no news (?)

Warped, intentionally [,|so] beautiful
[Warped, intentionally [,|so] beautiful]

Hey, has anyone noticed how silent it has been for the past couple of months (maybe six), on ‘cyber’warfare ..?

Was reminded when that phrase was so preciously avoided in this (Dutch) piece.
Apart from the caricature posturing as authority (quod non par excellence) and the depicted image of control (also, the extreme opposite of reality): Hasn’t the enormity (also, of detail as released) of Edward S.’s revelations fogged the bigger picture ..?

[Edited to add:]
This (only in Dutch, again; what small-mindedness – assuring the opponents laugh around the world and back all through NL?) ‘annual report‘ quod non seems impressive, until you realise what actual work has been done…


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