Silent SOx Shutdown

As Fortune Magazine reported last week, suddenly everyone realises that the dreaded (dreadful?) Sarbanes-Oxley act has hardly any sway anymore over business affairs. And some senators are calling for its repeal.

First, a pic for your viewing pleasure:
[Barça, near the Olympic (remember?) village]

Can we assume this a sign of the waning of Compliance ..? Hopefully. What we’re left with, is a decade of misery for all but the compliabullies. How can we force them to pony up the compensation for financial and immaterial damages they caused ..?
They’re probably too blind (numb) to see that they did, massively, without any improvement in overall management, or viability, of the organisations involved. On the contrary, all the efforts were so misdirected that initiatives that might actually have helped, were thwarted. Innovation initiatives were demolished, economies destroyed. The only escape vent was in the financial industry, where wizardry escaped the numb compliabullies. What a bubble blew out…
And think of all the (actual, positive) creativity and careers that didnt take flight, or were culled. How to restore all the joy of years of productive careers, not as a second wind because that always sourly reminds of the lost years, the irrevokably lost life ..? If all that can be done is destroy the compliabullies’ lives and memories, then maybe that’s all that can and should be done. Not preferable, but if, then.


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