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A well-designed time arrow

Now here‘s for some well-designed time arrow; unlike a fly… Advertisements

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Postdictions 2014-II

A progress report on the Predictions 2014 I made in several posts here, at the end of Q2. First, of course, a picture: [New then, outdated now, La Défense] So, there they are, with the items collected from several posts … Continue reading

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Iconic clarity failure (privacy edition)

Got a pointer to the icons that are in the EU Privacy directive. Wow. I can’t even … (did I just write that ..!?) See whether you’re able to guess the meaning of the following: A big Nope, huh …? … Continue reading

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Live by the rules. Hopefully, not.

[Western version] Hm, you wanted to live by the rules …? Hopefully, not in this way… Next question would be: On what principles would you decide which rules to follow, and which not [so much] ..? Wouldn’t that constitute deeper … Continue reading

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Art, for once

This may be the start of a new series of posts; on art. As I consider it. No ‘comments’ accepted… I mean, this is the real deal. Very, very real, yet as real as Pollock.

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Golden Oldie pic of the day


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OSSTMMPerimeter ..?

Just a note; was struck by the OSSTMM approach towards the structure of infrastructure. [Disclaimer] though I am quite a fan of the OSSTMM approach (and do want to write up tons of whitepapers linking it with my ideas for … Continue reading

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