Let It Go

Some paragraphs before you get into it, but True. As frequent readers of this blog may have learned from my rants against the top-down hierarchical approach. As Roger Waters (et al) sang: The Tide Is Turning… Hopefully.
And a pic to lighten up your day:
DSCN4081[Yes yet again…]

The Joy of Work

I have been thinking a lot about the outstanding Workstock unconference which was premiered at last month’s Workplace Trends conference (#wtrends14). To my mind, its unifying theme was the need for change in our work whether in terms of it becoming truly human-centric and meaningful or unleashing the potential of networked intelligence or harnessing the power of diversity.

It is a sound scientific principle that you should only seek out evidence which could undermine your own hypothesis. However, I was secretly delighted that what I heard at Workstock resonated with my core belief that applying the principles of Systems Thinking to the social, physical and obligatory aspects of our work and our workplaces (Neil Usher’s “logasphere” – a term I am now using frequently because it does what it says on the tin) will transform organisations’ operational performance in the form of lower operating costs and higher productivity.

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