Ruled by the petty

When mores are sufficient, laws are unnecessary; when mores are insufficient, laws are unenforceable.

Durkheim, you recall. Only now. Only now that you’ve started the year all refreshed to this time around implement all the nitpicky petty rather childish, kindergarten-level rules to reign in all the misfits (i.e., about everyone except you) that don’t want to dance to your tunes (while you can’t dance, really; admit it. Not even to your own tune you don’t!). Which turns you into a petty fool, given the veracity of the above quote. If you don’t get it, just think it over once again. And again, until you do. Or quit, but then stay away. Like, at these nice locations just for you.

The big Question of 2015, or the decade, being: How to get the mores back

Part of the solution may be your admiration for:
DSCN5159[Some time ago, when photography was still allowed….]

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