All against all, part 1

Tinkering with some research that came out recently, and sometime(s) earlier, I had the idea that qua fraud, or rather ‘Cyber’threat analysis (#ditchcyber!), some development of models was warranted, as the discourse is dispersing into desparately disparate ways.

The usual picture suspect:
DSCN2891[Odd shape; maybe off-putting as a defense mechanism ..!?]

First up, then, an extended version of the matrix I’ve been presenting lately, about offense/defense characteristics. Just to expose it; would want to hear your feedback indeed. (Next up: The same, filled in with What the attacker would want to get out of it, information-wise. After that: Strategy, tactics commonly deployed; rounding off with least-ineffective defense postures (?))

Fraud matrix big part 1


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