Where have all the good blogs gone ..?

Except for this one you’re reading, that will stay on for some time to come …
But where would I find some taxonomy of publication ..?

We have the good old ‘new content lines in index.html’, outright blogs (WordPress, Typepad, Blogger, … endless list), SocMed blogspace (LinkedIn Pulse, Tumblr, Facebook, others, having room for, typically, one-pager texts), podcasts, vlogging, Youtube channels, webinars (interactive/recorded), Messaging expanding (and with some original RSS feed and portal page stuff still being around), curated blog sites, paid blog sites crossing over into the classical news(paper) sites, pay-per-post-read sites (cooperative or not), paid-for-popularity sites, ebooks, classical newspapers and more thoughtful (?) periodicals, etc.

But how do we classify them? How to determine what (length, content, tone) to publish where [by these characteristics …], and how to do that – as some may be perfect for your brainwave but you just can’t get them to see the genius of your writing. What to do when times are a’changing, and platforms switch through functionality augmentation ..? Do a full decade of backward posting on a new platform all in one go, or leave all content there, to disappear in the mist of time?

Yes I’d really like to hear your answers ..!

Well, you have read this. So you deserve:
[Amsterdam; more than canal houses only. Oft overlooked …]

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Maverisk Consultancy, IS Audit and Advisory services: Wikinomics meets governance and audit; otherwise, see my personal LinkedIn profile
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