Road rage (autonomous car edition)

Two things about self-driving cars:

  • When a fully ready car leaves the factory, it should be programmed completely, at least with all needed to function independently from thereon. Does it think at that very moment “Ugh here I am, just born and already with a huge traffic jam behind me (in the factory)”..?
  • Where humanoids will in school and around that, learn quite some data and algorithms by heart just to know them, and acquire experience on how to deploy all that, in the chaos that is the actual world, before being considered an adult capable of independence and accountability in the free world, how will autonomous cars gain such experience once they leave the factory ..? Will they be utterly clumpsy during the first few miles / years (sic) ..? Your legal department may need to know.
  • [Third, because rebel.] News broke that self-driving cars drive like your granny. Get out the bull bars (originally: ‘roo bars! from down unda) and shove them off the road. [Edited because apparently necessary to add: In no way literally or even close, you m.r.n!]

So. Moving on ….:
[Skewed before screwed; Madrid for no reason whatsoever]


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