The year of No More Oops

… Hoping this year, reps will wise up and don’t treat (insult) their valued customers like they should’ve known they themselves are, i.e., like little children. Why, oh why, would anyone still respond to socmed complaints with “Oops, something’s not right” and all that follows is empty chatter offering no solution at all but first, foremost and exclusively disclaiming any own accountability for poor (or worse) service delivery that the reps are accountable for — just like anyone operating outside the organization’s perimeter yes including outsourced functions however deep subcontracted.
Hey org: I don’t give a batsh.t about how you organise things, and that you employ so many m.rons on the contact surface that matters most… and often, found out, in layers behind that too. Expecting internal selection being proficient in finding the worst cases and setting them as examples through promotions into management all the way to the top. Just ensure that next time around, you have grown-up reps giving definitive, non-conflicting answers that for once don’t turn out to be literally untrue (i.e., lies).

Oh well, lawyers in the wings… and:
[Reprazent house; you kno where …]

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