The ‘Bucks logo, again

The @Starbucks logo once again, in an unsuspected place. Like, this:
DSC_0048[Haut Koenigsbourg castle indeed, in the Alsace]

Begging for some explanation. Why here, in/on a 190x rebuild of a medieval (origin) castle in the middle of (Western) Europe, no Norse sailor in sight? As previously mentioned, there’s more to it than some simple explanation. Hopefully.
E.g., any History grad student interested to write a thesis on this? Said coffee house might be found willing to provide a stipend …? ;-|

For this one’s exact location:
Bucks at Haut K
[I.e., in the very inner courtyard, where no Norseman ever arrived (back in the day)]

After last (mentioned, linked) post, the answer was inconclusive unless 50-50 is a conclusion… Let’s hope for better, this time…

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