Not your clients!

An outcry: Stop calling ‘clients’ what are just mass tools to make a profit (incl public sector…) for your actual clients…!

When, why, did the non-politically grossly in-correct usage of ‘clients’ come from, where not only the Facebooks of this world will serve you crumbs and deliver your value to others ..? Because all sorts, yes the dullest of dullest too or in particular, of public sector organisations fall prey to the emptiest of sympathies when they denote their fully captives as ‘clients’, or at best, ‘civilians’ as if they themselves are not the most average, mediocre, irrelevant of those denominiations themselves ..? ‘Clients’ of a social services organisation ARE NOT; apologies for the shout, they are captives, with no alternative to turn to (like actual clients could) but the actual client is some politician(s) that have just enough brains to be the last one standing / clinging to their seats while everyone of anything approaching intelligence even at great distance, will have left or have been pushed out by actually caring for the ‘clients’s interests.
‘Clients’ are just the mass fodder, nothing (sic) more despite all the efforts to paint a social, relating picture.
Get real. Stop the outright lying.

Oh well.
[Actual palace of the People; of course this is Pistoia]


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