Local jargon

… Suddenly it struck me. In my usual rants against ‘governance’ as in many of my earlier blog posts, the non-existent airheaded formalities that stand in the way of real, not the deflated style of management, I forgot one piece:
The phrase makes sense only in (totalitarian [here I go again], calcifying) bureaucracies. There, the shuffling of empty labels has replaced actual management and ‘governance’ may be used as a placeholder (as said: empty, otherwise the label doesn’t apply fully) for the ‘management’ pastiche that is expected. Outside of those dinosaur organisations (heh, see this), no-one has any need, or place, or (need for) understanding of ‘governance’ and anything sycophanting towards it, will fail to achieve anything close to a positive contribution (though negative contributions, in stifle, overhead, disturbance of good business, may be wide spread). See a business/organisation dabbling in ‘governance’ babbel, and you see failure ahead.

I’ll leave it there for you. With:
[For no apparent reason, a whopping crazy car park; Amsterdam]


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