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I can see your pulse

Just to drop a note; that Big G’s Glass is still around — but the same may, on a comparative after-launch timescale (sic), possibly not be said about Big A’s Watch. Come to think of it… Watch isn’t what it’s … Continue reading

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Metaphoric company / politics

… Is the political scene of the, still…, figurehead corporatist (or would you know a more pejorative term?) country (hey, check global capita per country and weep) reflected in the developments of the business world; like, a bunch of weirdos … Continue reading

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Poor bungler has no Scandinavian example to make his point

Gerald jeered in dinner discussion August 19, 2016 by Karen Mikkelsbergen Gerald Waterson badly lost a series of discussions with his friends last Thursday. The 36yr (old) county clerk of Decatur, IL, didn’t have a Scandinavian example for any point … Continue reading

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Clapton: 5 years for shooting sheriff

Singer not guilty of shooting deputy August 9, 2016 by George Smith A Clermont County, Ohio judge has sentenced Eric Clapton to five years in jail for shooting the sheriff. The British singer is said to have confessed in some … Continue reading

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Gold per capita

Just remembering that line of thought about some ‘handicap’ per country in sports… The original list of Rio 2016 [standings per 16 August ! due to post scheduling ahead of time], sorted per Gold medals, top 50, in this here … Continue reading

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Dronecatcher ..?

Was tinkering with ideas to get rid of drones around / over high-risk sites, e.g., critical infra (sites). You know, like the radiant type of energy production. Where drones pose a somewhat new but pesky risk. The newness, of course … Continue reading

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Golden Oldie Pic of the Day

Again, for ol’times sake:

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