My daughter in law can’t even develop a coherent model that unifies all fundamental theories

Trudy Helps

November 2, 2016 by Trudy

Dear Trudy,
My daughter in law is a lovely girl, but she can’t manage to develop a coherent, exact model that unifies the theory of general relativity with quantum mechanics. This bothers me enormously, e.g. at birthday parties with the family. How can I make clear that I would love to see het own string theory without hurting her feelings ..?

You b…, what are you doing? It will definitely destroy your relation with your daughter in law if you try to meddle with the way she likes to integrate scientific phenomena. If you want to have a shot at ever seeing that unification theory during childhood, you better distance yourself a little from her efforts.

[Original, in Dutch, on the Speld; translated with permission]

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